-August 06, 2020

I watched her crawl out of her shell
Picking every piece for her children
With every minute I stare, I wonder
how she stands so tall and strong
amidst the odds
Fighting for the ones who stab her
Breaking down for them to rise
So hungrily she hunt
Weeping every day and night
But like a soldier she matches on
She never frets
She’s never bothered, she’s just concerned
What heart has she? Heart of gold I believe

Can I be that strong?
I try sometimes but break down
I look at her in admiration
And see in her a role model
How can I exhibit these attributes?

Unshakable in hard times
Unbreakable in the toughest times
Weep and wipe my tears
I want to learn, but it’s just too tough
She’s a genius
Ayekoo nawo mama
Mama the genius.


Walked out, walked right back

Minds settling, emotions shuddering

Hands fondling, legs stuck

Assuming the worst of all

What’s the point of parting?

If you are not going to leave

Deep down in your heart

You know what the truth is

What is right and wrong

What is just and unjust

I don’t judge

And who cares what I think anyway

 But don’t be fooled by faces;

They will try to hold you accountable

For things there never would be

But don’t let them

Because one day, you’ll have to take steps that will be your responsibility

We were in control

Flipping the coin

Commanding our future

Daring our adventures

Proclaiming our love

Choosing our spouses, picking professions

Responsible for the choices that shape the path of our lives

And yet, there is one force more powerful than free will

Our unconscious

Underneath the suits, behind closed doors

We’re all ruled by the same desires

And those desires can be raw, dark, scary and deeply shameful.

The more you watch someone unfolds

The more you realize, we are never really who we say we are

In fact, hidden underneath, there’s always a secret

An emptiness that struck the thought

We might actually be someone else

Does it seem awful to know everything about someone

To see their pain, to feel their joy

To wear their guilt, to appear in their distress

To fathom their choices, to protect their scars

Or is it worst not to see it

Nothing hits you more than life itself

It doesn’t always hand you the card you wish

But we all have a monster inside;

It depends solely on how strong your shackle is to keep it locked up

Life is too short to worry about everything

If you love it, hold on

If you miss it, find it

If you’re upset, let it go

If you’re challenged, meet it

Every second you doubt yourself is a moment wasted

Life is luck, make it

Life is yours, live it

Mothers are Unflinching

Your very nature is expressive of human angel
Your womb kept me safe for more than nine months
Your breasts are the best

You nurtured me from your womb
Even today, you continue to be my rock
It hasn’t been rosy though
Like the rose, we have had our thorns prick us
How your vagina had to suffer
Before I finally came out
Wickedly for 12 months instead of 9
How I would bite your nipple
Yet you still breastfed me
How I would subtly object to your word
How I would annoy you
Yet the smiles you give is priceless

We have been through thin and tick
But all through we are together
Thanks mother
We share something far greater

But I want more
More of you
More of us
More of more
In my heart, nature knows I am beyond grateful
And I can’t express it enough

To the moon and back
To the highest mountain top and back to the lowest of the earth
Through the sunniest to the most rainy days
Through the first night to the last one of the world’s existence
To when the first human being died till the last one
Just as hope is the elixir of life
You’re the elixir of my life
The hope that I see
The legacy that I work to protect just like you protected me
What shall I say?
What shall I do?
Where shall I be

I don’t need a specific day to celebrate your love
I will always celebrate your love and sacrifices
Just so you know, you’re the human angel God sent my way.
Humbly, I say thank you, Mama. God bless you endlessly….

I love you, Mama.

The Pain in Pleasure

I used to believe in dreams and fairy tales
I should be hallucinating
I’d say dreams come true
Even though I never saw any in reality
Until l met you, amazing and all sweet
You were the one dream that came true
It’s a good thing l never quit
Thanks to you, l can hope for my dreams to come true
You were the one thing that mattered to me
You stayed by my side in all odds
You were closer than l could ever ask
Your smiles closed all gaps
In your arms l found solace
Your soft voice in the early hours of the day
I could never imagine you’d leave
I wouldn’t forgive anyone who woke me up

I hear love changes as people change
But l could never imagine yours being part
I woke up so broken and empty
The sky seems to be falling on me
I wake up every morning feeling cracks in my heart
Was it necessary to leave?
Did it matter to you that l will be broken?
Why did you have to go?
I still feel the pain as if it was just yesterday
I still miss you
I miss the way your eyes locked mine with smiles
I miss your soft voice that echoes in my ears
The soft kisses that gives goosebumps
The nights we spent together
All drunk and naked
The sparks in the air when we gaze at each other

If l had known those moments will come to an end,
I would have held on to them for a little while
My world seems shattered by your absence
Not even with a goodbye note
Like we see in the beautiful movies we watched together
You were not supposed to go
You were my heartbeat
My best friend and my playmate
You were my dream come true
But l guess l wasn’t your dream
That’s why you left
I will never forgive myself if l was the cause
But I will forgive you if you just wanted to go.


People sometimes get angry when you start being yourself and stop pleasing them. If others start treating you the same way you treat them, it will be like hell. Some people just ignore some things just for peace to reign and you sometimes think they have no heart?

The fact that you pierce someone and hear no sound doesn’t mean that they feel no pain. It’s not always the case for everyone to accept you. If everyone say yes to everything you say, then there is something you must check on yourself.

Focus on the things that bring positivity to you than things that only attract you. Do not do things just to please people because at the end, you will not please anyone at all.

Few people are interested in what you become tomorrow. The majority of the population are only around because they have to be around if not, they will be considered as enemies.

It’s better to know the real you and the real them before it’s too late.


Sometimes, I try to understand the word love but the more l try to dig deeper, the more l get confused and lost. I wish l could just get answers for all my questions and confusions but it gets tougher and tougher. I had series of conversations with different people from different backgrounds and according to them, some type of love is forbidden and wrong and the same people say love is natural.

Now, l get confused and stranded because if love according to them is natural, peaceful, and sweet, then how is the same love forbidden and wrong? But, that is really not my question. My question is, What is love?…do we have types of love? If yes, then l move to ask, do we need labels for love? What attributes disqualify love? If l want to continue asking these questions, then definitely there will be shortage of words for others to use.

We all have encounter with different people each day but the problem is that we are sometimes blinded with familiarity that we forget to study and understand them. But, come to think of it, how can you even study and understand others when you don’t understand yourself first? Why should you have opinions about others when you don’t have any opinion about yourself? How can you judge who should be loved, what love is, what wrong or right love has done when you are not even sure if you love yourself or not? The main problem we are facing these days is the inability to take some decisions on our own. We always want to take the views of others to make our life decisions on them forgetting that they only know what we allow them to know. So how can they make decisions for us?

I have come to understand over time that people tend to make their opinions about people’s situations because they’ve not found themselves in similar conditions. Wait until you are in that position and then you get to know that it’s not the case to make judgment about others’ situation.

My name is RUTHBLESS SENANU, and I stand with self-love because with that we can graduate to new levels of understanding, of what we are, of who we are and most importantly, who we can become.

Work it ,make it happen

You are your own best friend. People may disappoint you but you must never let yourself down. If you can’t count on yourself, then you can’t count on anyone. You can’t trust someone if you don’t trust yourself. Your life is yours to live, not someone’s else’s. People only know what you allow them to know, so, they may have their opinions about you but they have no idea who you really are. So, always be conscious of you because there is only one version of you and you are precious. Your story matters.

My name is Ruthbless Senanu and l am the best lady l know and so will have to definitely do it all by myself.

The right foot forward

Depending on what you believe, God rested on one of the seven days in a week. Now, he didn’t rest because he was tired so that he will continue the next day. He rested because he had finished everything he wanted to do. My friends, when you are looking for something, until you find it, don’t ever relent on your efforts. In fact, you must double your steps.

Rest after you have found what you are looking for. 24 hours is enough for us to do whatever we want to do in a day. It is another day of glaring opportunities with eye opening chances. Go out there and continue the search for your valuable goals. Be results oriented. Life is not a competition, it is a journey. So, along the journey, if you see someone in need of help, please, help them.

My name is Ruth Senanu, and l’m out and about doing what l do best, the rest is in the hands of the God l serve.

Life is beautiful, but, not all that glitters is gold. Stay blessed.

Life is a problem solving journey

In the context of life, there will always be problems and issues to confront. The time you have no problems is the day you’re in your grave. Surmounting your problems helps others also do same. Our actions and inactions either inspire others to do better or make them feel despondent about the future. No matter how bad your life is, you’re someone’s hope. Someone lives based on your example. Someone dwells on your decisions to do same.

Never stop fighting…

Never give up…

Keep moving forward until your steps are over…

Life is beautiful with you in it. Don’t wait for someone to inspire you because it might be too late..Have a reason to move forward and inspire yourself with it because others depends on it.